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All Star Superman vol 1

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All-Star Superman, Volume One

Equal parts Max Fleischer, Jack Kirby, and well, Grant Morrison, All Star Superman Volume One reads like a series of epic folk tales, in the tradition of Greco-Roman mythology. The stories are big, and the concepts even bigger.

In the opening chapter, Superman foils Lex Luthor’s scheme to murder Leo Quintum’s science team mid-expedition to the surface of the sun. However, the seeds of Luthor’s plan are revealed when Superman returns: hyper-exposure to the sun (the source of his powers) poisoned Superman, giving him new or enhanced abilities, while causing mass apoptosis – cell death.

And lo, Superman is dying.

The tales which writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely have conceived are a beautiful ode to the legacy of Superman. Distilling the character to his most essential and timeless elements, they have managed to weave an episodic delight the likes of which comic readers have never experienced. With shameless adoration of its subject matter, All-Star Superman is both intentionally silly, and incredibly intelligent. It is concept driven, yet wonderfully emotional. Furthermore, while the storytelling hearkens back to the Silver Age of Superman comics, it remains an inspired, wholly unique work of superhero fiction.

Volume One tells a single ongoing story in episodic fashion. Each chapter is a self-contained and which can be enjoyed if isolated. Moreover, the stories display a variety of subjects and themes. See Superman and Lois Lane on a dimension-trotting super-date, or witness Superman travel back in time to atone his regrets. The stories are varied and beautifully illustrated, with colors by Jamie Grant that could melt your eyes.

Whether you’re a seasoned Superman fanboy or new to comics entirely: there is much to admire in All-Star Superman, Volume One. In an industry where mature superhero comics usually means dark alleys and amoral, foul mouthed anti-heroes, All-Star Superman stands apart from that crowd. It embraces its silliness instead of rationalizing, or apologizing for it.

Bright, colorful, and brimming with hope, All Star Superman is a new, definitive take on the Man of Steel.

– Alex Lyons

Alex Lyons studied English and History at the University of Guelph, where he acquired keen insights into late Victorian history, and its literature. This education, of course, serves no purpose here. Alex still lives in Guelph, and thinks of Jack the Ripper often.


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February 14, 2009 at 12:01 PM

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