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Casanova vol 1

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Casanova vol 1 – Luxuria

The central idea of the Image Comic’s Slim-Line format is sixteen pages of comics and six pages of back-matter to allow for crisp, shorter stories with accessible singles – each of which fit into a larger storyline, but can be read individually and enjoyed. The perfect three minute pop singles for $1.99. One of two books to come out of the Image Slim-Line format (alongside FELL), CASANOVA is a semi-automatic machine pop-gun stuffed from barrel to bullet with spies, babes, a healthy dose of the ultra violence and half a century of pop culture. Even with a reduced page count, Matt Fraction crammed more material than a book twice its size into its pages, making it the thinnest thick comic on the stands. The sheer volume of information being presented wrapped masterfully by the superb Gabriel Bá (seconds before he became THE Gabriel Bá), shooting us like a rocket through the world of CASANOVA.

Casanova Quinn (thief, super-spy and all around prick fond of jumping out of space-ships with guns blazing) is stolen from his parallel dimension by Newman Xeno (bandages, bad attitude, double plus super villain) of W.A.S.T.E., replacing now-deceased Casanova Quinn (thief, super-spy, boyscout for E.M.P.I.R.E.) from Xeno’s dimension/timeline, effectively making Cass his own Evil Twin. The mission: Casanova is sent on assignments by E.M.P.I.R.E.. Xeno gives him counter-directives to disrupt their mission and further his own agenda. Cass must balance both objectives as fucking up in one-direction results in torturous death and the other way, also torturous death. All this and sex-robots, a three faced-psychic floating monk head and funerals.


Good. CASANOVA isn’t the kind of book you read once. It’s the kind of book you read twice. And then you put it down, walk away and try to tell someone about it. Then after ten minutes, you’ve got 1-6 people looking absently at you, wondering if YOU even know what you’re talking about. Shamed, you go home and read it again and think: “Oh yeah, Super Model Death Squads.”

CASANOVA will make you want to throw away your Television. Your favourite shows don’t present as much information and anarchic glee as musically as Fraction and Bá have stuffed into sixteen pages of CASANOVA.

And what of Casanova? He steals stuff and fucks people up for money. With style and grace and his psychic spiders.

(Right, there are also psychic spiders. And escape artist Bodhisattvas. And…)

Timothy Legion

Timothy Legion is not presently read, looked to or admired. He created a newspaper (pamphlet) at his University that is fondly remembered by six people. He has not won any awards or been considered for nominations. He is wrist-deep in the Third Year of his self-imposed GLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN.


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March 1, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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