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The Escapists

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Writer – Brian K. Vaughan

Artists – Steve Rolston, Jason Shawn Alexander, Philip Bond, Eduardo Barreto

Colourists – Dave Stewart, Matthew Hollingsworth, Paul Hornschemeier, Dan Jackson

Letterer – Tom Orzechowski

Cover – Alex Ross

Prestidigitator – Michael Chabon

“Comics will break your heart.”

Matt Fraction

THE ESCAPISTS is Brian K. Vaughan’s love letter to comics.

Inspired by Pulitzer Prize Winning THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY by Michael Chabon, THE ESCAPISTS tells the story of Max, who inherits a basement full of Escapist memorabilia and enough money to buy the rights to his favourite golden age superhero icon, The Escapist. Setting out with best friend Denny and attractive redhead artist Case, the trio put together their Escapist book, allowing the character relief from obscurity. Through a risky publicity gimmick, their Escapist comes to national attention and begins the downward spiral from which our trio soon find themselves trapped.

Vibrant, cartoon artwork tells Max’s story with seamless transitions into the lush, noir story-telling of the trio’s Escapist comic runs parallel to the “real-world”, THE ESCAPISTS is a connecting read that will leave you involved with the characters, wondering how you will ever Escape.

The truth is, there is no Escape. This isn’t Brian K. Vaughan’s warnings against the corporate structure of comics and it’s not a how-to-guide for comics. It’s not a stern warning that there’s no way to Cheat and Win and no way to succeed without the sweat and ink and tears. It’s not an outline for how to break into comics, or to find success or even pull of the most meager of victories. It’s not about how to Escape your dreariness.

It’s about love. And how love is the challenge to free yourself.

The love of comics comes from the freedom that comics allow, the way that no other medium can–which is why we love comics. Comics do what no other medium can. They Escape form and convention, and the end we’re all just a bit better for it.

– – Timothy Legion

Timothy Legion is not presently read, looked to or admired. He created a newspaper (pamphlet) at his University that is fondly remembered by six people. He has not won any awards or been considered for nominations. He is wrist-deep in the Third Year of his self-imposed GLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN.


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February 2, 2009 at 12:01 PM