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Lone Wolf and Cub vol 1 – Assassin’s Road

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Lone Wolf and Cub – vol 1 – The Assassin’s Road

A Ronin, formerly executioner of the Shogun, is forced to wander the vast country-side, searching for ways to redeem himself after his honour is sullied and his school turned against him. Yet for reasons unseen, he is also alone in raising his three year old son, whom he is forced to carry with him. A man on a mission of bloody redemption, carrying innocence as a burden.

But a the son of a wolf is still a wolf, as we are constantly reminded, and innocence in this place is not so innocent.

LONE WOLF AND CUB is episodic in presentation, each issue telling a wholly accessible story of the Father and Son as they travel – pointed but seemingly aimlessly – through countryside and cities, forced to accept work as an Assassin along the way.

An excellent blend of Western pacing and dialogue intermingled with the Manga toolbox of accomplished, lush visuals of cities, the country and duels at sun down, LONE WOLF AND CUB is the Kurosawa of comics. So engrossed are we by the lush, engaging art, we hear each clang of sword play and each splort of bloody violence.

The audience is welcomed to each dangerous scenario as it’s played out, but only the Lone Wolf understands how everything will play out. His purpose and thoughts hidden from us until the last moments. And when you understand the true intention of the Lone Wolf, be certain you have spoken the truth, or incur their wrath.

– Timothy Legion

— Timothy Legion is not presently read, looked to or admired. He created a newspaper (pamphlet) at his University that is fondly remembered by six people. He has not won any awards or been considered for nominations. He is wrist-deep in the Third Year of his self-imposed GLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN.


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