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Hawaiian Dick vol 1 – Byrd of Paradise

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Hawaiian Dick vol 1 – Byrd of Paradise
Writer – B. Clay Moore
Art – Stephen Griffin

Hawaiian Dick is a detective story following the titular Byrd, a disgraced former police forced from the mainland due to a violent incident, who takes up residence in Hawaii to – one assumes – drink himself to death. Instead Byrd ends up working as a private investigator for police detective and war-buddy Mo. Alongside them is compatriot and cocktail Waitress Kahami, a dame with a heart of steel and an eye for Byrd, looking for her runaway sister and a cast of characters to make the island both dangerous and colourful. And so we’re put alongside our Hawaiian Dick, who alongside Mo, has the odds stacked against him with time running out.

As the outsider, Byrd is witness to the unexplainable phenomenon of the Hawaiian culture gone supernatural, as witch-doctors and resurrected bodies roam the countryside, looking for revenge. But it’s not that kind of “magic” book. It’s not a supernatural mystery, it’s a ghost story. It’s not horror, it’s mysticism. Hawaiian Dick is chock full of the undead, floating monsters that hang in trees outside your window but it’s not mutants, or magic, or elves and orcs. It’s the supernatural kind of supernatural that Byrd can’t understand or explain with smoke and mirrors. It’s the local myths of the colonized scratching at the feet of the detective story playing overtop.

Far from a formulaic detective story, the characters are placed in a setting so unique that it changes the entire aesthetic and reading of the book. It’s a 50’s Noir tinted with a Hawaiian mythos. A campfire story with bullets, broads and the revenge of the undead body they found in a trunk.

The effect is an island surrounded by mystery, mob bosses and lackeys, bent cops interfering with the investigations of straight cops and relatively no place to go. When it comes down to it, how far can you run on an island as small as Hawaii? Especially from what you don’t understand?

– Timothy Legion

— Timothy Legion is not presently read, looked to or admired. He created a newspaper (pamphlet) at his University that is fondly remembered by six people. He has not won any awards or been considered for nominations. He is wrist-deep in the Third Year of his self-imposed GLORIOUS FIVE YEAR PLAN.


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The Silent Majority

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There is no starter guide for film and comics are a menacing field if you’re just starting to read.

Every now and again you gleam a nugget of wisdom from an existing savant (podcasts, the CRIMINAL back matter) and you run with it – someone informed you that something was good and lo and behold, it was. So one looks up the director’s other works, or something else the author has done… and it’s out of print. Or the video store lost theirs. And the employees are assholes and the internet says it’s good, but doesn’t say it’s good BECAUSE it’s bad. So next Friday, you’re back to sticking needles in your foreskin, wondering WHAT’S NEXT. WHAT’S NEW. WHAT’S GOOD.

No form of entertainment is accessible for a new audience.

So the Silent Majority exists to challenge that norm. To turn people in the right direction of interesting, ground breaking works of today and yesterday through micro-columns and razor reviews. Inferring the positive, rather than dwelling on the negative and the idle comparisons of the critic medium.

The Silent Majority – because 90% of everything is shit, we ease the search for the other 10.

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